Summer Stories: Let’s beat the heat with some oil

During summer, when your skin takes a beating from sunbathing, beaching or generally enjoying the great outdoors, it’s time to stop and pamper yourself with a refreshing, soothing and most of all nourishing treat. Oils are very good for every kind of summer skin treatment – washing, exfoliating, moisturizing, soothing and beautifying. Even before soap was invented, Egyptians cleaned themselves by spreading some oil on their skin, which stuck to the dirt and then scraped it off. Other civilizations learned to put soda ash in oil and it became the first soap. Today, we can find all kinds of oil-based skincare products with combinations of other natural ingredients that offer a texture and a multitude of benefits to suit your purpose.

Body oils are a must-have during the wintertime when you're fighting off dry skin. So, it might seem strange to suggest that you add them to your beauty regimen when temperatures soar and your sweat seems to be moisturizing your skin just fine. But body oils actually promote softer, firmer-looking skin, and a healthy glow without worrying about the greasiness as they soak in quickly and deeply. Who doesn't love glowing, luminous skin that glistens in the sunlight? And beyond aesthetics, oils are actually really good for the skin.

Hydrating your skin in summer with oils is a great idea and an awesome benefit to your skin’s health. While oils can be a bit tricky because they are slick, if chosen wisely they can provide excellent nutrition and moisture to skin. Oil tends to include more natural ingredients, so choosing a lightweight option particular to your skin type would be the wisest choice. Coconut, Almond and Jojoba oil are some of the best options for summer season.

But what about getting oil all over your clothes? That’s the beauty of our After Bath Oil blends – they soak into your skin completely, leaving you hydrated and fragrant! Pat yourself dry after the shower and spray the oil onto damp skin; wait a few minutes before slipping on your clothes.

Further, for painful sunburns, oil can be used to help soothe your painfully reddened skin. Very few oils such as sesame can be used as suntan oil, primarily because majority of oils do not contain any sunscreen. However, oiling the body can be very handy and effective after one has experienced sunburn.

There is nothing like feeling the first warm rays of sun in the summer. They tempt you to pull out your bathing suits and maxi dresses. Season change is a good time to re-evaluate what you are using on your body. Embracing an all-natural freedom in your skin care routines is the best you can do for your skin and switching from chemically laden moisturizers to body oils will be a great choice. We would recommend you to bid farewell to rich moisturizers and say hello weightless body oils. As you begin to bare your shoulders, knees and possibly a little thigh, splash on some body oil to help your skin shimmer, shine and feel supple this summer.