COLD-PRESSED: A term not so vague anymore, but what does it really mean?

A lot has been spoken about different types of oils, among which cold pressed oils have been the most talked about. Most skincare experts have pronounced cold pressed oils as healthier and far better alternative to other commercially produced oils. However, when buying that bottle of cold-pressed skincare oil, do you really understand what cold-pressed means? Furthermore, have you ever-wondered how cold pressed oils are made?

Cold-pressing extraction method involves crushing a seed, nut or flower under low-heat and conditioned temperatures and forcing out the oil.  Such an extraction process does not introduce any heat from an external source and is also better at extracting all of the nutrients and live enzymes from the seeds or nuts, since it’s slow and deliberate and hence the term – ‘cold-pressed’. Presses technology comes in a range of sizes, from small sizes for home use to huge commercial presses. The temperature in this extraction process does not exceed 35°C and the product yield is far higher in quality but in most cases in lesser quantities and this is what makes cold-pressed oils more expensive than the commercially produced ones. But this tiny little drawback does not hamper the wide array of benefits of such oils and ever so promising solutions that they have to offer.

Let’s get more candid on their benefits:

Cold-pressed oils have been proven to contain more nutrients than oils made in a centrifugal method. Excess heat can increase the quantity of oil extracted, but it compromises its quality and considerably reduces natural benefits and healthiness of the oil. The natural flavour and odour is retained in a cold-pressed extraction method and hence no further chemicals and preservatives are required to achieve desired aroma and consistency.

Cold pressing gives oils super powers. Such an extraction process is known to be cholesterol-free, unprocessed and free from harmful solvent residues. This makes them so eco-friendly – a concept that mankind is in need of to combat the increasing environmental issues being faced.

Further they contain anti-oxidants such as tocopherols (e.g. Vitamin E) and phosphatides (e.g. Lecithin), micronutrients and enzymes – all in their pure forms.

Best yet, such oils super packed with vitamins and rich in fatty acids including omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids, along with other phytonutrients go straight deep into your skin when applied for that immediate jolt of feel-goodness in the form of beauty and energy.