1. What does After Bath Oil mean?
    We term our blends of 8 oils as After Bath Oil to indicate that you are to apply the oil to leave on for the rest of the day. Most oils are misunderstood to be washed off in the shower – our After Bath Oils are the opposite of that. We blend the oil in various proportions to ensure quick absorption into your skin that leaves behind no residue and hence no staining your clothes. But this oil can be used at any time of the day that you see fit.
  2. What do you mean by multipurpose oil?
    A multipurpose oil means that the oil can be used in multiple ways and areas – an oil can be used on the face, body and hair and also as a body or hair massage oil, a moisturiser, a carrier oil, and / or to blend with other oils or ingredients to make DIY face masks, body, face or lip scrubs.
    This labelling indicates that one bottle of oil has multiple uses, hence makes it a budget-friendly product to add to your cart.
    Check out few blog posts here for inspiration for DIY body care routines.
  3. Can I use any of the oils as massage oils?
    All our Cold Pressed Oils can be used as massage oils. Choose an oil based on your skin concerns.
  4. Can I apply on dry skin?
    Any oil absorbs best into damp skin – however, applying and massaging the oil on dry skin works just as fine.
    If applying oil for the hair, we recommend on massaging oil onto dry scalp and leaving on for 45 minutes before shampoo.
  5. How long do the oils last?
    The shelf life of each oil is 36 months from date of packaging.
    Each oil bottle is 100ML and each spray pump releases approximately 0.3 ML of oil. The lasting of the oil bottle depends on the usage – a few pumps on a daily basis can easily last you for two months.
  6. How do I store the product?
    Always store the oil bottles away from sunlight. Leave them on your vanity table, in the shower shelf or by sink – wherever it’s easiest to grab and use!
  7. What kind of fragrance is used?
    We use only pure oils and essential oils that are free of synthetic fragrance in all our skin care products.
  8. Do I need to use sunscreen after applying oil?
    Sunscreen is the most essential part of our skincare after moisturising. Sun exposure causes severe damage to our skin and some oils can attract more sun rays than others, such as Almond Cold Pressed Oil.
    Always apply sunscreen before heading out.
  9. Can I apply the oil on damp skin?
    It is highly recommended to apply oils and any other skin products on damp skin for maximum absorption and effect.
    The optimum way to use the After Bath Oils is post shower, when you pat skin dry, spray the oil and massage from toes, up towards the head.
    Let the skin air dry for a few seconds before wearing your clothes.
  10. How do I integrate the oils in my morning skincare routine?
    The ultimate way to use the Rose Face Oil or any of the cold pressed oils is to post cleansing, toning and applying serum.
    You can use the Walnut Cold Pressed Oil around the eye area (half pump)
    We recommend using a single pump sprayed onto your palms, rubbing together to warm gently and applying onto the face with gentle but firm pressed to the forehead, cheeks, nose, jaw line, mouth area and neck
    Follow up with sunscreen and then make up.
    Alternately, you can also add a pump or two any of the oils into your regular creams
  11. How do I integrate the oils in my night skincare routine?
    Rose After Bath + Face Oil, Jasmine After Bath + Hair Oil and all the Cold Pressed Oils can be used on the face, neck and décolletage at night time. It is recommended to apply the oil post cleansing and toning. Two pumps can be used at night time right after toning. If you have a more elaborate layering style, then it is recommended to use post serum and night cream.
    Alternately, you can also add a pump or two any of the oils into your regular creams
  12. Can I use the oil if I want to apply make up on my face?
    Hydration and moisturising is key for long lasting make up as well as to avoid powder cracks and failed blending. We recommend the Rose After Bath + Face Oil or Jojoba Cold Pressed Oil applied lightly on the face and neck a few minutes before applying make up primer or foundation.
  13. What if oil got into my eyes or mouth?
    Rinse with water gently and plenty of times. See a doctor immediately after.
  14. Why must I do a test patch?
    Our products are all natural, toxin-free and chemical-free. However, every skin is different and may react to certain nuts or seeds or essential oil. We recommend doing a test patch on the forearm – spray one pump directly and massage to absorb. Wait for 24 hours to see if any reaction occurs.
  15. When will I start seeing results from using the oil?
    Natural products take time for real results to show. Continuous and regular use of the same product will start to show effect after 6-8 weeks. These results tend to be gradual but permanent with elongated care and use.


  1. Why are we called Nature Therapy?
    We believe that the earth’s bounty is enough 
  2. What’s NOT in the products?
    Parabens, Sulphates, SLES, SLS, toxins, chemicals, palm oil, and mineral oil
  3. Is there any palm oil?
    We do not use any palm oil in our oils or soaps
  4. How are we giving back to the society and our environment?
  5. Are we testing on animals?
    All our products are cruelty free and are tested on our founder, Kamini Patel!
  6. Do we use synthetic fragrance?
    We are strictly against usage of synthetic fragrances in the making of our skincare products
  7. Are any of our ingredients imported?
    We are an Indian company that recognises our land has all the bounty required to take care of our skin and souls. We do not import any ingredients for our skincare range.
  8. Where do we source our ingredients from?
    Our ingredients are sourced from small batch farmers from across the country. Our ingredients are all natural.


  1. Which oil is the best for hair oil massage?
    We highly recommend the Jasmine After Bath + Hair Oil for the hair. This powerful blend of 8 cold pressed oils has a higher proportion of Coconut and Walnut Cold Pressed Oils that ensure hydration and nourishment to the scalp as well the roots.
    We recommend to spray the oil directly onto your dry scalp and then bend forward to massage, thereby encouraging blood flow to the head that helps stimulate hair growth. Spray a few pumps into your palms and apply onto the hair lengths. Leave on for 45 minutes before shampoo.
  2. Which oil is the best for the face?
    The Rose After Bath + Face Oil is the ultimate face oil that is a blend of 8 cold pressed oils, with higher proportions of Jojoba and Almond oil which is a burst of Vitamin E and A along with incredible anti-ageing properties. This oil helps in hydration but also with 
  3. Which oil is the best for body?
    All our oils are magnificent body oils. You can choose as per your main concern and the three After Bath Oils are therapeutic for the soul as well.
    To uplift the mood: Rose After Bath + Face Oil
    To nourish and calm: Jasmine After Bath + Hair Oil
    To energise the soul: Lemongrass After Bath + Body Oil
    To tone the body: Flaxseed Cold Pressed Oil
    For extra dry skin: Coconut Cold Pressed Oil
    For anti-ageing: Jojoba Cold Pressed Oil
    For hydration, joint and muscle pains: Moringa Cold Pressed Oil
    For skin plumpness: Walnut Cold Pressed Oil
    For hydration and dark marks: Almond Cold Pressed Oil
  4. I am pregnant, are the oils safe to apply?
    It is safe to use any of the After Bath Oils and Cold Pressed Oils, but we strongly recommend asking your doctor and doing a test patch first.
  5. I don’t particular enjoy fragrance, which oil can I use?
    You can opt for any of the Cold Pressed Oils on a rotation basis. For example, use one for the morning and one for the evening time or once you finish a bottle of one kind, choose another cold pressed oil so that your skin has the chance to reap benefits of more kinds.
  6. Which is the best oil for prevention of age signs?
    Jojoba Cold Pressed Oil and Moringa Cold Pressed Oil are the two powerful anti-ageing oils that helps with delaying signs of age, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  7. Can I use the oils on babies 0-3 years of age?
    We recommend the Almond Cold Pressed Oil and Coconut Cold Pressed Oil for toddlers between the age of 0-3 for their massage. However, please ask your doctor and do a test patch before.
  8. Can I use the oils on children 3-5 years of age?
    We recommend the Almond Cold Pressed Oil, Coconut Cold Pressed Oil, Walnut Cold Pressed Oil and Flaxseed Cold Pressed Oil for children aged between 3 and 5. However, please ask your doctor and do a test patch before.
  9. I am allergic to nuts, can I still use the oils?
    If you have a nut allergy, it is advisable to avoid using the After Bath Oils, Almond Cold Pressed Oil and Walnut Cold Pressed Oil. However, please confirm with your allergist and dermatologist.
  10. Can men use the oils?
    Our oils are not just multipurpose but also for all genders. These oils are just as beneficial for men as women. We recommend the Moringa Cold Pressed Oil to be used a beard oil for softening the hair and improving texture. The Lemongrass After Bath + Body Oil is great for all men (and women) who enjoy outdoor activities as it helps in muscle repair and also acts a natural mosquito repellent. 
  11. Which oil is the best for the eye area?
    We are partial to Walnut Cold Pressed Oil to be used as an eye serum – this helps in reducing dark circles and improving the hair growth around the eyebrows and eyelashes. Walnut oil is full of Omega fatty acids that help plump the delicate skin around the eyes and prevent fine lines.
    Alternately you can also add a pump into your regular eye cream and mix
  12. Which oil is the best for severe dry skin?
    We recommend Jasmine After Bath + Hair Oil to be used generously all over the body and face. Other options are: Almond Cold Pressed Oil, Coconut Cold Pressed Oil and Walnut Cold Pressed Oil.
    You can also add few pumps of any of the oils into your face or body creams.
  13. Which oil is the best for severe oily skin?
    Jojoba Cold Pressed Oil is recommended for oily or combination skin. Jojoba oil is the oil that is closest in nature to our skin’s natural sebum, thereby making it the ideal face skin oil that also helps unclog pores and overall improve texture and skin health. 
  14. I would like to use the oil as a face cleanser, which one do you recommend?
    We recommend the Coconut Cold Pressed Oil, Jojoba Cold Pressed Oil or Moringa Cold Pressed Oil to use as a natural, non-harsh face cleanser.


  1. Why are the oils in spray bottles?
    By packaging our oils in convenient spray bottles, it provides ease in application directly onto the body. Spray pumps also ensure minimal wastage of oil and spillage. As oils are recommended to be applied on damp skin, the spray bottle helps in avoiding spillage onto bathroom floors that can be hazardous and prevent slipper floors.
  2. Why are we using plastic PET bottles instead of glass bottles?
    PET bottles, while being plastic, are also lighter in weight. Being an e-commerce business, our maximum business is from around the country, and hence bottles are always being shipped. Liquid items can only go by certain air courier companies for immediate delivery, The PET bottle means that it is lighter, and breakage-free and hence we have to use less bubble wrap and plastic to protect the bottle – making it a lighter shipment. And thereby, reducing the carbon footprint that we create.
    However, as an evolving brand, we are continuously seeking alternate options and at a future point may change this.
  3. How is our packaging making an impact on the environment?
    Our bottles are packed in paper boxes that is made out of 100% recycled paper.
    We have also got out boxes printed – thereby eliminating another layer of sticker to be pasted.
    We are a very small business, and while we seek eco-friendly solutions, we also struggle with the commercial viabilities at times. Our current position is to balance out both ends to come to a sustainable practice.