DIY Jojoba Lip Scrub

Our lips need some TLC every now and then and a homemade lip scrub is the best way to nourish them. The combination of jojoba oil and sugar are perfect to smooth the lips, while letting the sugar do the job of curing chapped lips. The jojoba oil ensures that moisture is locked into the lips, to give way to a smooth and perfect smile. We definitely recommend doing this before applying your favourite red lipstick!


1 tbsp cold pressed jojoba oil

2 tbsp castor sugar


Stir the two ingredients together to form a paste

On dry lips, use the scrub to plough away the dead skin, rubbing for a few minutes

Gently wash off the scrub

Smile to soft, unchapped lips!

Note: this scrub will stay well for a few weeks in an airtight container