About us

The journey for Nature Therapy® began from a search for natural ingredients to help soothe sensitive skin and attain long-lasting moisturising, with ease.

Dabbling in the kitchen in the extreme sense that I do, has many consequences; the most significant one is the health of the skin, particularly for the hands. Frequent washing, scrubbing and wiping with kitchen towels creates havoc on the skin, and more so when an aggressive form takes place after handling pungent spices and ingredients such as garlic + onions and colour bleeding ones like turmeric + beetroot.

This led to the discovery of cold pressed oils and their immense benefits, particularly when they are blended with the right proportion; they imitate the formula of dry oil – wherein, upon application, they soak through the skin without leaving any sticky residue, and therefore you can wear your clothes right after, sans worry of oil stains. Moreover, we work with scents that provide both therapeutic and topical benefits to feel good, energised and beautiful.

The ethos of Nature Therapy is straightforward: simple, real and natural products that fit into the hectic lifestyles of #WomenOnTheGo. Hence, we pack our fabulous blends in handy spray bottles that aid quick uniform application, minimal wastage and spillage. The expanding range includes various accessories to enhance a sexy feeling of everyday luxury that we truly deserve.

Every little detail has been looked into personally to ensure the best quality along with a sense of social responsibility. Our cute hexagon boxes are made from 100% recycled paper and we avoid use of single-use plastic wherever possible.

Nature Therapy is a personal effort to promote the goodness that is available around us locally in the natural form, that can help promote a better lifestyle and self-care.

Kitchen Therapy
Kitchen Therapy is our sister brand that is a maker and curator of all things food! Each product is in small batch production, preservative free and an effort to promote Indian makers. Kitchen Therapy started as a recipe-based blog which you can sign up for at: kitchentherapy.in to get weekly recipes straight into your inbox.

Nature Therapy and Kitchen Therapy are makers and curators of all things related to wellness. We love to partner with local artisans and promote niche, handmade and handcrafted products that raise awareness and reach the conscious consumer.
If you’re a maker and would like to collaborate, reach out to us at info@naturetherapy.co.in

Customisation + Gifting
We are happy to customise any of our products for your personal or institutional use. Get in touch with us at info@naturetherapy.co.in

We love interacting with customers and are happy to associate with your event for pop ups and shows Get in touch with at info@naturetherapy.co.in

Conducting workshops is an opportunity for us to spread the love for natural products and demonstrate the various aspects associated with them such as zero-waste issues, importance of toxic-free and paraben-free products. We have various sessions set that are geared towards children and adults that can be ideal for store or gallery promotional activities, private events, corporate events and even baby and bridal showers.
Each of our sessions are hands-on, and participants leave with bag full of knowledge, something handmade by them and a lot of fun. Get in touch with us for more information and availabilities at info@naturetherapy.co.in

Beauty Bar 
for your special events

Have a special event and looking for a fun activity for your guests? We provide our Beauty Bar service for all kinds of events: baby showers, bridal showers, mehndi functions, afternoon teas and brunches! Our unique bar provides your guests to choose a Nature Therapy oil and create their own face and body exfoliants with plant-based vegan ingredients for them to take home! 

We also do a special kids-special wherein we converse about zero-waste, plant-based ingredients, vegan skincare and the importance of using the goodness of nature for our wellbeing!

Get in touch with us for more information at info@naturetherapy.co.in

Instant Hydration Treatment for Spa & Salon Services
Hydrate | Restore | Rejuvenate

This is a 20-minute therapy designed for #WomenOnTheGo with Nature Therapy cold pressed oils which offers instant hydration, particularly beneficial for dull and dehydrated skin. The Instant Hydration Treatment integrates lymphatic drainage facial massage, exfoliation and mask that provides instant clean, toned and hydrated skin, along with therapeutic relaxation of the mind + soul.

Get in touch with us for more information at info@naturetherapy.co.in