About us

The journey for Nature Therapy® began from a search for cold pressed oils that help soothe sensitive skin and have long-lasting moisturising, with ease.

Dabbling in the kitchen in the extreme sense that I do, has many consequences; the most significant one is the health of the skin, particularly for the hands. Frequent washing, scrubbing and wiping with kitchen towels creates havoc on the skin, and more so when an aggressive form takes place after handling pungent spices and ingredients such as garlic + onions and colour bleeding ones like turmeric + beetroot.

The skin craves moisture, nourishment and care not just on the hands, but the entire body as well. And with my hectic lifestyle, ease is of utmost importance. This led to the discovery of cold pressed oils and their immense benefits, particularly when they are blended with the right proportion; they imitate the formula of dry oil – wherein, upon application, they soak through the skin without leaving any sticky residue, and therefore you can wear your clothes right after without the worry of oil stains.

They are packed in handy spray bottles, they aid quick uniform application. These oils are handmade in small batches which include moringa, jojoba, almond, walnut, coconut and sesame oils that are mechanically pressed to ensure all the good properties stay intact. The bottles are packed in individual eco-friendly handmade cloth bags. Every little detail has been looked into personally to ensure the best quality along with a sense of social responsibility.

Nature Therapy is a personal effort to promote the goodness that is available around us locally in the natural form, that help promote a better lifestyle and self-care.