How to reuse the cloth potli!

Our oils all come with handmade cloth potli and a thread or ribbon tie at the top which makes this a multipurpose packaging, that can be reused infinitely.

The potlis are so handy in its unique long shape and we’ve got a few ideas on how to reuse them to make your lifestyle pretty in the works!

  1. Pencil and pen case for travels
  2. To protect your reading glasses
  3. Hold your medicines
  4. Hold your lip gloss
  5. Carry your phone charger and other wires while traveling
  6. Mint and candy holder

You can also reuse the bottle once your bottle or oil is over for spraying water on your clothes before ironing. You can also fill up with water a few drops of rose essential oil to use as a face mist

Have you got another idea? Let us know!