Trend Alert: Oiling to beat cellulite!

While you are focused on looking and feeling your best everyday, there is an undesirable menace when it comes to the skin and that is cellulite. Cellulite is mainly fat pushing against the connective tissues of the skin and it is caused by a number of factors. To name a few it could be poor diet, lack of regular exercise, toxins, age, medication, and genetics.

Consumer skincare market boasts numerous products claiming to tame and cure the cellulite phenomenon. However, they are often faced with a choice; spend overly on these expensive products with the added use of chemicals and harsh ingredients or just ignore. Thankfully, we have got you a far better personal care panacea i.e. oiling your body daily. 

When we say oiling your body we don’t generally mean a dedicated hour long pressurized massage to relax and tone your body. Although that may be a bonus, but definitely not a solution for our hectic time-restricting lifestyle. A daily habit of oiling your body post shower or before bedtime or in fact at any free time available during the day, will not just hydrate your skin but also help you fight that unwanted cellulite that hovers around specific parts of your body. This daily practice of oiling through gentle pressurized motions all over your body may reduce cellulite by improving lymphatic drainage. It will also help stretch your skin tissue and that will in turn stretch out cellulite dimples too.

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian science, has a specific term for this ritual known as ‘Abhyanga’. The practice of self-oil massage on a daily basis – is an integral part of the daily routine recommended by this healing system for overall health and well-being. Traditional Ayurvedic texts are detailed on the benefits: it is nourishing, pacifies Vata and Kapha, relieves fatigue, provides stamina, reduces baggy skin (cellulite), enhances the complexion and the luster of the skin, promotes longevity and promotes sound sleep.

An essential tip: It is very important to choose a light-weight quick absorbing oil for this to be a quick and yet effective session and eventually a habit. Cold pressed jojoba oil is a good investment for starters but if you are looking for something inexpensive, then cold pressed coconut oil is a good option too. As with any other skin care routine, regular and prolonged use will prove to be effective.