Jasmine: A love not just for Aladdin but for your skin too!

The jasmine flower blossoms only during the night; to make the essential oil, the flowers are carefully handpicked at night to be then crushed. What could be a better delight than to know that the oil you are using has been delicately crafted and that not just for a mere aroma but for glowing skin too?

Jasmine essential oil, despite being expensive, is worth purchasing, thanks to the array of benefits it boasts. The oil helps in clearing skin discoloration, enhancing skin elasticity and also aids in treating tiny to average burns. Applying on your body with a diluted carrier oil, this oil can do wonders for muscle spasms and sprains as well. Jasmine essential oil with its many treatment properties acts as a possible sedative, anti-inflammatory agent and an antiseptic.

We are not unknown to the anxiety and depression relieving aroma and fragrance that this oil possesses. When combined with herbal oils such as sandalwood, rosewood, sage, geranium and lemon balm, it promotes the body’s natural technique of healing. Besides, a good pressurized pre-sleep massage with diluted jasmine oil will give you the best sound sleep you would have ever had. This is surely a boon to anyone suffering from anxiety and depression. Massaging the oil on the abdomen helps relieving period symptoms and agony. Start the application few days before your period and see the results during the onset with much bearable or even subsided cramps.

Further, jasmine oil can soothe and restore dry, irritated and sensitive skin. It also helps in treating scars left by acne and stretch marks left by weight loss. It helps regulate the amount of oil produced by oily skin. A good skin glow can be obtained by relaxing the nerves with a jasmine oil aromatherapy massage on your face.

A few drops of this oil added to bath water will make your skin supple and soft. The lingering delicate fragrance will be a sheer delight not just to you but to those around you as well. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of this oil help to improve the immunity power of the skin. Regular application of jasmine oil on the skin will protect the skin from infections and harsh impact of extreme weathers.

Most importantly, the benefits that this oil has for hair-care are worth raving for. Hair-loss is a common side effect of most mental or physical illnesses. Due to its calming and nerve-relaxing properties, jasmine oil works wonders with hair-loss issues for once the nerves are soothed after a soft massage, the quality of hair follicles improve. Besides, the strong antiseptic property of jasmine oil helps to alleviate microbial infection in the scalp especially dandruff or even a dry and itchy scalp. Tame frizzy and unruly hair by mixing just a few drops of this oil in your routine hair mask. If you get back to your roots, few would have known the grandma’s remedy of adding jasmine flowers to a hair rinse for kids to shield the attack of head lice.

An essential tip: as for any other essential oil, jasmine essential oil is very concentrated. Hence, it will yield best results and is in fact recommended to be used in a diluted form.

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