#NTPeople: Sneh Pagrani

My interactions with Sneh came through work + very long conversations – every few months we speak for over an hour, talk about our brands, share experiences, and learn from each other – it is perhaps one of the healthiest friendships I have developed from the industry. The first and foremost thing you notice about Sneh is her soothing voice – a voice that’s always calm, quiet and ready to take on anything. She is transparent with her feelings – you can hear the gentle excitement when she talks about her essential oils, wistfulness if she recalls an old memory and eagerness when she discusses about learning, exploring and educating herself. She continuously advocates plant-based ways of life in food, beauty and living – she is very much in touch and in tune with nature. She is a true outdoors woman who takes weeks off to go on tricky treks and adventures. Sneh manages her business entirely herself, her pulse is in every part of Clay Essentials. She taught herself tools of the trade in social media, graphics, photography and video making – recently finding success with her eye-catching reels! Her business is a therapeutic moment for the eye, her feed is immaculately clean and she follows a beautiful aesthetic sense that she designs and creates herself. Each conversation with her only further clarifies that her business is an extension of her own self, a passion she believes in and wants to share with the world.

She is a woman who adapts to nature, goes with the flow and is understanding by nature and this is what makes her beauty shine inside and out; one of the most important things I’ve learnt from her is to never utter a negative word. In a dog-eat-dog world, there is a welcoming sense of purity and kindness in Sneh – she openly appreciates competitors, appraises and applauds successes of other’s milestones; she strongly believes in growing as a community.

She has a passion towards making a change for the better, connecting with Mother Earth and finding answers in the simplicity of nature.

Today, we learn more about this beautiful young lady and her inspirations:

Tell us your relationship with skincare and how it has evolved over time?

I was, and still am, too laidback to indulge in a lengthy skincare regime. I like simple ingredient products that are multipurpose, plant-based and effective. As I don’t like spending too much time in prepping my skin I opt for products that are quick absorbent to speed up application whilst softening and nourishing my dry skin.

Recently I studied the harm that chemicals and toxins can do to you and hence my routine is becoming as natural and simple as possible.

Who or what inspires you for self-care?

I am mostly hyperactive and I need to sometimes remind myself to slowdown. I also absolutely love to look and feel good about myself and this is where self-care comes into the picture. I believe I perform better when I feel 100% good, inside and out.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

I wake up by 7 am, and the first thing I do is stretch, following up with a Ghee Turmeric Tea, a fresh fruit and a home cooked hot breakfast

#WomenOnTheGo: How do you balance your work and personal life?

I follow a set routine on most days and try not to mix the two. I rise before everyone to gain and cherish 2 whole hours of me-time. I work regular office hours until 6 PM and then dedicate most evenings for family and friends.

What inspired you to start Clay Essentials?

As a child, I was quite close to nature and adventurous in many respects, always in the company of plants and flowers. I never knew my bond with nature would bloom when I grew up. I used to source essential oils for personal use from various places when they weren’t commercially sold – the idea of plant extracts in a bottle intrigued me and I started researching more about it. I met a friend and collaborated with him to sell his essential oils in my city.
Subsequently I ventured into producing natural room mists, under my brand CLAY ESSENTIALS and participated at local pop-ups where I received a great response. This started my journey, and I’m here now!

Whilst creating blends, where is the inspiration from? Tell us a bit about your journey.

Nature, memories, dreams…. I like creating ambience. I love using the right blends at the right places keeping in mind the occasion and mood effect that I want to create in my surroundings.

I would use Jasmine and Rose in the bedroom to create the feeling of love and romance, Ylang-Ylang in summer when I invite guests and so on.

Same goes with skincare, I use different oils for different seasons and purposes, Rose oil in fuller’s earth before a party for a quick glow. Tea tree to combat pimples and rosemary for a strengthening head massage.

What new goals have you set for yourself to achieve by the end of 2021?

I started off 2 years back and I am still learning. 2020 taught us some expensive lessons and my goal for Clay Essentials in 2021 is to be as environmentally conscious as possible. To reduce waste, to reduce the carbon footprint, source carefully and pay fairly.

We also aim to spread awareness and benefits of using clean, plant-based products and reach out to as many conscious consumers looking for sustainable goods.

Do you have a secret hidden talent?

Haha I don’t have any special talent out here… but I am very persistent. I don’t give up easily.

Lastly, you have made innumerable essential oil blends in your career. Can you pick a favourite?

For ambience, I love lavender and sweet orange blend – it’s soothing and so subtle!

For the skin, I use apricot kernel oil with a few drops of lavender oil

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