The story behind Nature Therapy

 As a kid, I dreamt of owning a tiny little boutique, an apothecary with bottles of tinctures, oils, herbs, blends and fragrances that transport you to a world far away.

I spent a good number of days in various shops, trying out testers, finding the plethora of choices a splendid dilemma. I remember going home each time with shopping bags filled with all kinds of fragrant goodies wrapped in the most delicate of butter papers in pastel shades. My fondest memories were of these round balls filled with bubbling fragrance to throw into the bath tub. Even at 9 years old, I believed in a good long soak in the bathtub with a book. My inspiration for all this was of course, my mother. She religiously stuck to a routine that included various creams, serums and oils on both her face and body. The one thing I resonate with her is the smell of expensive creams and lotions that breathes through her skin. 

As I grew older and traveled further, I spent more time at make-up counters, at apothecary stores, and my most favourite – European pharmacies. In boarding school in Singapore, on minimal pocket money, I went to the drugstores to replenish stocks of soaps, body lotions and the works. There I discovered upcoming brands, indie products and new ideas. I spent hours researching and learning and understanding the trend ingredients, the classic formulas and what would work for me – it was a world I could easily get lost into. I remember being the only girl who diligently applied a face mask every weekend while the rest of them giggled at me. In college, surrounded by strong #self-care group of girls, I learnt even more. Fashion was never (and still is not) of any interest, but skincare and overall wellness always has and will be. Much of the basics I learnt was from them. As I grew older, surrounded by young mothers and busy bees, I saw first-hand women forget all that pampering that was previously essential to them – sometimes, simply rubbing lotion over the body became an act of luxury. I noticed most women also chose to cut down on their own personal care budgets.

In creating Nature Therapy, these two aspects played a strong influence in developing the products, creating the brand and understanding the pricing. A strong emphasis was placed to make a good product available and affordable for all age groups. And to fit into a busy lifestyle that offers an instant mood lift, whilst taking care of our bodies.

Another important factor for the emphasis on the therapeutic senses was my own diagnoses of fibromyalgia which had gradually increased over the years. Additionally, various allergic sensitivities to every medication started to make even basic routines difficult. I needed to adopt a better lifestyle, a lifestyle that integrated small moments of joy without much fuss or effort. To help me rush out the door for a Pilates class, get 8 hours of sleep, or alleviate anxiety – I needed natural easy ways to tackle these without having to call a doctor, read up side effects in the fine print of the medicine box, or to perpetually feel sick or unwell and be told there’s nothing you can do. It’s about learning your body, your mind and understanding what it needs. 

The core of the Nature Therapy circles around good sleep, healthy skin, easy digestion, aromatherapy, feeling good and happy. It’s a journey that’s close to my heart, it’s a reflection of who I am, a lifestyle I am adapting to feel good, achieve happiness and finding luxurious moments of peace, balance and contentment amidst the chaos that is life. 

Thank you for being part of the voyage, and I look forward to bringing more beautiful products your way!