Decoding the Calming Brew

Introducing a new tea for Nature Therapy had a very specific concern: to pay attention to the ritual of drinking tea. Every night, when I read in bed, I crave a warm mug, cuddled under the blanket. As caffeine at night does not suit me, I opted for homemade herbal concoctions with a bunch of dried and fresh herbs and flowers.

An essential part of feeling good is good sleep. Every holistic school of thought touches upon the importance of a good restful sleep to solve most health concerns. And it is this very thing that evades most of us. A full night’s sleep aids in better digestion, energy, good mood, and thereby happy, glowing skin. 

When I reached out to Snigdha from Tea Trunk to craft a blend for us – I made one thing very clear – it should also have skin benefits and must have beautiful flowers found in India. 

She has crafted one of the best blends I’ve had so far that is both caffeine-free, delicious to sip on and takes me onto a deep beautiful slumber every night. Gorgeous heady aroma of Indian lavender buds, paired with earthy chamomile and a touch of lemon provides the perfect luxurious night cap that can be sipped sans worries - the Calming Brew

We’re going to decode this brew further for you right here:



Anti-inflammatory + antioxidant properties to relieve skin irritations such as eczema and rosacea

Natural polyphenols and phytochemicals speed up healing process of scars and minimize premature ageing + breakouts

Alleviates itchy, dry scalp that can lead to dandruff


Relieves stress as it is known to increases serotonin and melatonin in the body – the two hormones that work to alleviate feelings of stress

This flower helps to open up blood vessels and reduce inflammation that can construct and lead to pounding headaches and intense pain such as muscle spasms and menstrual cramps

Induces sleep

Helps regulate the digestive system, relieve issues like IBS, upset stomach and abdominal pain

Boosts immune system

Some studies show that regular intake of chamomile aids in: lowering blood pressure, moderating blood sugar levels, helps inhibit the growth of cancer cells, aid in mental health.


  • Sourced from the hills of Uttarakhand
  • Improves sleep by increasing duration of deep and slow-wave sleep
  • Significantly improves symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Alleviates symptoms of post-partum depression
  • Calming effect on the nervous system
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Antioxidant properties help reduce oxidative stress such as premature ageing
  • High concentrate of vitamin C and calcium
  • Soothes digestive issues by reducing inflammation that causes stomach, stomach cramps, indigestion and nausea 


  • Increases the luster of dull skin
  • Works naturally as an astringent
  • Helps reduce excessive oil
  • Help to internally detoxify, clarify and brighten the skin 

This blend is particularly beneficial for:

  • Better restful sleep
  • Reduces menstrual pains
  • Reduces inflammation on body and skin
  • Glowing + calm skin
  • Improve digestive system

How to brew:

Steep 1 tsp for 2-3 minutes in 200 ml hot water
Serve hot or cold, plain  


Berries + raisins

Other uses:

  • As a facial steam for congestion and to calm the skin
  • Infuse into Cold Pressed Almond Oil for a few weeks, then strain and use on the body or face
  • Swirl cold brew into a cake: recipe
  • Make a calming latte: recipe
  • Make a healthy cordial for your cocktails: recipe