#NTPeople: Dr. Stuti Shah

Dr. Stuti is an inspiration. Period. My first interactions with her were at occasional social events and I knew she trained a few of my friends. She struck me immediately as a warm, friendly and extroverted, who chatted easily with me, a staunch introvert! She would ask countless questions about dessert recipes and elaborate her sweet cravings and I always went home wondering how such a tiny body ate so much chocolate!

Recently, I went to visit her clinic to sign up for a few sessions, and I was taken aback completely. I felt transported to my days in Boston with state-of-the-art equipment and a loyal clientele that keeps coming back - clear and concise literature, beautifully organized system, and a tech-savvy app for all clients to use and join sessions are just a few of the highlights of her workspace. She is brilliant at social media, has managed to digitalized all sessions through video during the lockdown period and hasn’t dampened her spirits. Through the interview I admired her entrepreneurial skills – it’s a great big feat going from home visit consults to owning a large clinic with niche services. She has managed to balance her personal and professional life amazingly, works closely with her husband, knows how to prioritise and follows a strict no-screen time every night. She gets to have lunch with her mother regularly, eats proper meals and still drinks Bournvita! She’s a clear leader amongst friends and this translates perfectly into her entrepreneurial profession. This is a woman who knows what she’s doing.

Let us dissect how exactly she manages to have it all


Tell us your relationship with skincare and how it has evolved over time?

I have always been that girl who loves browsing and buying skincare products but never committed to applying as per the suggested routine – in short, a lazy person. But since the past few years I have got little more committed to my skincare routine, though it’s not much, it’s still better than before. 

What’s your typical morning and evening skincare routine?

In the mornings, I use a particular Ahaglow facewash & face cream recommended by a dermatologist. I do have a sensitive skin. Not following anything in evening though, simply washing my face before going to sleep.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

I wake up routinely at 6 AM every day except Sundays and the first thing I do, is wash my face and brush my teeth.

What’s your daily morning beverage and breakfast?

One big glass of hot Bournvita milk! And after an hour, breakfast consists of soaked nuts with a fruit or a hot snack, depending on my mood and hunger levels. 

We have to ask you this, as you’re in the fitness sphere: what do you eat for lunch and dinner?

I love home-cooked food and I am a conscious nutritious eater since childhood and have a strong sweet tooth! I eat lunch at my mom’s as it’s closer to my workplace during the weekdays. They consist of: chapatti with dal & sabji; mango ras, chappati with protein dal; vegetable frankie; soup with vegetable handvo or any other healthy fancy options

For dinner, I like it complete as well: majority of the times it is paratha with vegetable sabji, and occasionally vegetable khichdi, or soup with vegetable pulao.

#WomenOnTheGo: How do you balance your work and personal life?

I work long hours starting at 7.15 AM, but once home by 8 PM, I don’t take work calls or messages. I follow a strict “screen time off” from 9 PM every day. Saturday evening to Monday morning is time off for my personal life. I love meeting friends and family, so all that happens in the weekend. I am always the one who makes all the plans amongst my friends. 

How often can you carve out your ‘me time’ and what does it entail?

I have started carving out more me-time over the last few months for things like meditating, painting, going for hair oil massages, not obsessing over things and letting it go 😊 Presently I try doing one of these things at least once or twice a week for sure. Will be eventually taking out an hour everyday - that’s a goal for 2020.

How did you choose a career in physiotherapy and Pilates? What inspired you to pursue this field?

It was my parents who suggested physiotherapy as a career option. Honestly, back then I didn’t know much about what exactly I was getting into. But once I started studying, it was like falling in love and as soon as I graduated, I followed my passion where I always wanted to create a holistic approach to being a physiotherapist and that’s how I integrated Pilates as a main ingredient to my work.

What inspired me to pursue it all the way here to Core Tuck In was the lack of people’s own body awareness and the way they move. As the world is advancing and modernizing, unfortunately our bodies are moving lesser and becoming stiffer and weaker. So, I love to put myself as a movement practitioner and to help people to create a better internal and external zone for themselves. 

Who or what inspires you in your work?

Firstly, my husband inspires me a lot. He is literally my backbone as I do get lazy and too comfortable at times, but he is the one who keeps pushing me in right direction. And secondly, I love to work because it’s my love and passion. This is what I always wanted to do - help people to create right body awareness which can help them move pain free.

Having your husband in an active role in your business, is it difficult to distinguish between personal and professional conversations, especially at home?

My husband manages quite a lot of my work (all top-level decisions, finance and HR) but he still has his family business to look into so he is balancing both sides. From the very beginning we had distinguished our roles. My work is all technical, teaching and creating programs. I was very clear to focus on what I am best at rather than doing everything and being everywhere. While we always discuss every part of the business, the final call lies on the person whose department it is. And that’s important in running the business smoothly.

I am very strict when it comes to personal and professional conversations. The moment we reach home, I never talk about work which at times bothers my husband as he gets some great ideas and I reply with ‘let’s talk at work tomorrow, it’s our Netflix time’! It took me time to create this balance and to stop being so obsessed over my work, but it’s working out beautifully.

How many years has it been since you set up your own clinic?

            I will be completing almost 10 years since I started working independently. And it has been almost 4 years since I set up Core Tuck In. For 6 years I practiced through home visits and had a team of three Physiotherapists whom I trained at my house, clubs on Sundays or at my Dad’s office. I always focused on giving the right training and doing everything by myself, including devising each client’s exercise plan, taking the first consultations and following up monthly. I learnt so much in those initial years as I met so many different clients, I grew a lot in those years, gained more confidence and my goals became clearer.

Were there any concerns in setting up ‘shop’ at such a young age in a niche field? How did you take the jump?

When we decided to create our own setup, I was still unsure as I had just got married, and I was doing great with the home visit model and a small team. But my husband knew that it was the right time to take a jump and financially both mine and his parents encouraged us too, so we bought our first space. Finding the right space took some time as I wanted that ‘VIBE’ as I am not a person who can be at one place whole day!

I feel lucky that most of my clientele shifted their sessions to the clinic, and also helped spread the word. Since then, we have gradually expanded by adding one office each year, and now I am proud to say, we have 3 offices spaced joined together to create a beautiful large studio with fully equipped Pilates studio, a physiotherapy room and changing rooms. It does feel overwhelming at times but I love my work and it’s encouragingly satisfying.

How do you deal with setbacks in/at work?

I try to not get anxious anymore as I strongly believe Hard work done in right direction with right thoughts gets you where you want to reach. It can take time but patience is always the key.

What advice do you have for aspiring physiotherapists and Pilates instructors?

Firstly, invest in education. Learning is a gradual process, so keep doing it and never STOP. There is always lot to learn. Keep your client’s interest first, rest everything will fall in place.

What do you hope to achieve by the end of 2020/the year?

I have three main goals:

  1. Become an Instructor teacher (IT) for STOTT Pilates courses
  2. Create a bigger Physiotherapists team. Invest in their further education & certification
  3. Want to reach out to more people- by using Online channels


Core Tuck In is a physiotherapy clinic with a fully equipped Pilates studio with a team of physiotherapists trained in Pilates. They offer customized plans for all age groups and health conditions as well as group sessions and classes with maximum 5 persons capacity, so that there still is personalized attention.

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