What exactly is After Bath Oil?

laying out the deets

When we write After Bath, it is to indicate the application should be done after your shower / bath, unlike a massage oil which you would want to be washed off.

These precious oils are cold pressed providing the maximum nutrients and provide so many benefits, that it would be a shame to wash it all off after rubbing it in! Having said that, not everyone enjoys the feel of oils all day long. So, we have the After Bath Oils!

Our blends are quick to absorb, smooth and provide long lasting hydration and nourishment through the day. As they absorb quickly, you can dress right after without worry of staining your precious clothes! 

The spray application helps you put directly spray onto your body – easing up the process and minimising spills and wastage. We recommend keep in the bottle in your shower or by the sink to instantly reach out for the bottle. The oil is best applied on damp skin for best results and simply pat dry after.

We have three amazing options to choose from: Rose, Jasmine and Lemongrass – each with unique properties and purposes that help you take a quick therapeutic journey each time you use them!

Pair each one with its matching soap for a beautiful therapeutic journey

Photo credits: The Skin Story