Note from founder

Dear friends,

It’s been a rather unsettling time, with a lot of uncertainty and confusion. I hope you and your loved ones are safe + sound, and from the entire team at Nature Therapy, a grateful thank you from the bottom of our hearts + soul to the healthcare heroes who are battling at the front lines, along with the deliverymen/women, grocery vendors and pharmacists – you deserve the maximum applause, recognition and respect for striving to keep our lives as normal as possible in this situation. 

At Nature Therapy, we’ve been on lockdown and working from home for the past 10 (… or is it 12?) days, and while it’s been stressful, I’ve begun to adapt to this new way. Learning to coexist, live frugally and even more consciously than before and life priorities have never been clearer.

I wanted to share a bit of personal insight to my lockdown experiences so far:

There is a certain sense of freedom in not worrying about appearances, yet I’ve never before followed such a great skincare regime! I make it a point to dress well every single day for myself and wear pajamas only at bedtime. I apply the darker lipsticks that I always end up on impulse buys but never have the courage to actually wear outside, I try various hair pin ups to test which one lasts through the day. I dry brush and face mask every single day, exfoliate every third day with DIY scrubs followed by a different After Bath Oil each time, ignore the deodorant to detox the armpits, and moisturize my skin at least three times a day. If I don’t come out looking like Angelina Jolie by the end of this, I am gonna be real mad.

I am sipping warm Plum + Roses Brew through the day, and use the tea leaves at the end of the day to swirl into a natural body scrub with No. 01 Rose After Bath + Face Oil. I eat three decent meals a day, no snacking in between and the occasional intermittent diet of 16 hours. I find ways to be productive, constructive and active in regards to my work, health and family life.

I started the lockdown with a cleanse of sorts of the cupboards and drawers – and have found a stash of various beauty products, that I finally the time to use, along with a hell of a lot of research and development. I prettied up my working desk at home with some flowers and paintings I did over the weeks. I’m listening to even more music, and reading a novel almost every night. I sleep till 10am, and start off lazily with two cups of coffee in bed, before starting the day. My bedroom is filled with notes everywhere as ideas come to me. I’m excited to get back to work in my office! 

As our ecommerce couriers aren’t able to go out right now, I am sharing some DIY tips on social media and skincare home remedies with some of our products – do follow us on Instagram and check out the highlight: DIY Skincare Recipes! I’m also learning to edit videos for Kitchen Therapy – a process that always daunted me. This lockdown has been a true test of #kitchentherapy wherein ‘essential’ ingredients are still kind of hard to come by, not everything can be delivered, and you ask yourself how important is it to go out to the store? Bread, yoghurt, fresh produce and even pantry goods are carefully used, with meticulous planning – a process I’m beginning to enjoy and revel in – it’s churning my creative juices in the kitchen – Irish Soda Bread anyone?

I hope that we can start to embrace and adapt to a new normal once things become better and controlled. I pray for the lives at risk that are at the front lines, for human kindness to spread and all of us to recognize our life priorities.

Stay safe, stay home, wash your hands,


With warm love, hope + positivity,


For customers who have placed an online order during the nation lockdown on our website or through any of our partner vendors: thank you, thank you, thank you! As a business, we are still in our early baby stages and you are helping us grow and keep faith during these scary times.

Your orders will be dispatched once the nation-wide lockdown comes to and end and business-operations resume. Delivery timelines may vary and are subject to change based upon COVID-19 circumstances.