Epsom Salts for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pains

Did you know Epsom salt can help with chronic pain and fibromyalgia body pain and spasms? Low magnesium levels bring upon symptoms like fatigue and muscle spasms, which may blend with your broader fibromyalgia pain.

Epsom salts can help top up your magnesium levels and calm the discomfort.

Our Bath Salts are made with a blend of Epsom salt and organic Himalayan pink salt, therapeutic essential oils, herbs and flowers to help release swelling, reduce body inflammation and relieve some of the chronic pain and tenderness many of us suffer from in the feet, knees, hips and wrists.

How to effectively take the relieving soak:

  • Play music of your preference, softly in the background
  • Keep a small table nearby to place your towel, glass of water, book
  • Apply a face mask for an all rounded self-care moment!
  • Light a scented candle and place nearby
  • Turn on the warm water tap in the bath tub
  • Pour the salt into the running water
  • Gently lower yourself into the bath
  • Spend 20 minutes or so in the tub, engrossing yourself into the novel and relaxing your body.
  • Take a quick rinse after if you like and always follow up with a glass of water and some fruit to hydrate and replenish the body water levels.
  • Apply your favourite After Bath Oil all over your body after to add a boost to your skin.

Choose from two handmade blends: RELIEF and SLEEP