6 habits to make your morning better

The moment your eyes open in the a.m., how you spend the next few moments are crucial – how it is spent can predict much of what is to come the rest of the day. But realistically speaking, mornings can be tough.

Here are a few tips on morning rituals to help set a positive tone for the rest of the day

  1. Organize! The night before, make a list of all the to-do things for the morning to take care of, decide the next day’s outfit and ensure the day’s bag is ready, coffee beans are grounded or tea is measured, ready to brew. A few extra steps the night before ensures a fairly hassle-free morning with the mundane been taken care of
  2. Have set rituals – this could mean you choose the same breakfast each morning for ease (it’s been statistically proven to make you more productive) or upon rising you open the windows and light a candle. It could be alternate days of face mask and face kansa wand massage in bed!
  3. These rituals can integrate food, beauty and housework all together!
  4. Music! Good music can definitely help you wake up in a good mood, energise you for what’s coming and get your all prepped up – a few booty shakes does us all good! Check out our Spotify channel playlist for your morning boost
  5. Tech rituals: do NOT reach out for the phone and scroll through social media as soon as you wake up! Find small ways to discipline yourself against this habit. Start with a few moments of meditation or hum a shlok or do a full body stretch. 
  6. Indulge in a physical activity – 5 minutes of meditation, 5 minutes of face massage, 10 Surya-namaskars or even a simple full body stretch! Anything that gets the mind and body pumping blood and helps you jump out of the bed 
  7. If mornings are generally tough or you’ve had a rough night, keep a bottle of Rose After Bath + Face Oil on your nightstand and spritz a few pumps on your wrists, rub and deeply inhale the aroma

Rose is known for helping uplift the mood, bust anxiety and boost feeling of confidence

Remember to take small steps at a time which will gradually integrate into an automatic routine and regime, making the rest of the day a breeze!