Chai Masala Hot Cocoa

₹ 390
Handmade | Vegan | Gluten-Free | Preservative-Free | Artisanal Makers

This hot cocoa is made with Nature Therapy's hand pound chai spice blend that is based on Ayurveda which warms and soothes the digestive system. This blend is combined with Toska Chocolates' cocoa and brown sugar to create a delicious, power-packed drink. This is a great option for tea and chocolate lovers, and a good alternate to those avoiding coffee.

Masala Chai Hot Cocoa can be served as a hot or cold drink blended into milk or a dairy-free milk.

How to Use:

1 TBSP of Masala Chai Hot Cocoa to stir into 200 - 220 ML hot milk using a whisk until no lumps can be seen

1 TBSP of Masala Chai Hot Cocoa to be blended into 200 - 220 ML cold milk, using a hand blender

Dairy free variation: replace with almond, cashew, coconut or soy milk

Main Ingredients:
Cocoa powder, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, cardamom, mace, piper longum, black pepper

Net Wt.: 150g

About Toska Chocolates
Toska Chocolates is founded by Ishan Pansuria. Armed with a civil engineering degree, he joined his father's chemical business. But his love for pure chocolates and passion for making the best fine-chocolates in India, made him quit his father's business and started exploring opportunities in the chocolate world. He went to Mumbai and joined Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy to learn the art and science of making and eating chocolate. It was only during his chocolate academy days, Ishan realized the shortage of pure and fine-quality chocolates in India and thus started exploring the cacao industry. During the exploration, he came up with his way of 'bean-to-bar' (Cacao Bean to Chocolate Bar) process and hence began the journey of Toska.

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