Summer reading list

Summer 2024

This summer’s reading list goes in every direction, because isn’t variety the very spice of life? Check out our Founder’s list:

Mistress of the Ritz: A Novel by Melanie Benjamin

Whilst the top layer explores the tumultuous nuances of marriage, for me, this is a gripping story of how almost every French man and woman played a role in the resistance against the Nazis – it takes you through the emotional turmoil of meandering through the injustices of doing what’s right and being in survival mode. The writing touches generously in to the grandness of the luxe hospitality, mingling with Coco Chanel, and sheds light to the truths of war.


Limelight: A Victorian Murder Mystery

Penny Green Victorian Mystery Series

By Emily Organ

12 books in the series

Whilst I enjoy all kinds of murder mysteries, I have found them occasionally predictable. Set in the Victorian era when women’s suffrages movement began, this series revolves around a woman news reporter who solves cases with a dashing Inspector from Scotland Yard. Each mystery is baffling till the end and engrosses till the wee hours of the morning! I’ve never truly enjoyed a better murder mystery in a long time – plus the historical references are even more juicy!


The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

Recommended by a fellow entrepreneur, the pages of this book enlighten you on how to enjoy life whilst making moolah – from anywhere you want. A blueprint.


These Tangled Vines by Julianne MacLean

Travel to the vineyards of Tuscany, and navigate through tricky relationships, the power of true love, family drama, surrounded in the beauty of the hills and very good food. This is a realistic journey of courage, sacrifice, love, and learning to balance maturity, responsibility and ambitions.


A Spanish Sunrise by Boo Walker

A heart-warming story of single fatherhood, quitting passions, major life-decisions, and the beauty of vineyards and the farm life. A story that will bring hope, faith and assurances that all always ends well in life.


A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

A dashing, vivacious story of tumultuous upheaval from riches to fear – set in the 1920’s time of change, political unrest and some great history. Insightful, delightful, witty and elegant – putting so much of frills of life into perspective.