Pain Management Tips

Chronic pain is a constant battle in life for some of us and hinders our daily life routine and regimes. I am sharing a few tips from my personal experiences along with certain products that have greatly helps managing and occasionally reducing the pain. In this article, I refrain from stating the obvious ones such as “manage stress, reduce workload and deep breathing”!

For Wrist Tenderness:

for tender wrists to give warmth and comfort and still have ease of the finger movement.

I have recently bought these woollen ones from Zara, but you get many varieties on Amazon and other fashion brands.


Weighted Blanket for Restless Leg Syndrome

A weighted blanket is a therapeutic blanket weighing between 2 kg and 13 kg. The extra weight from the blanket applies deep but gentle pressure on the body's sensory input receivers forcing the body to relax. The technique, called grounding, relaxes a restless body. I use the 7 KG blanket that helps me sleep deeper and reduce spasm movements.


Ear Muffs

I have the original UGGs branded fur lined earmuffs from my college days that are comfortable around the ears and headband. This helps with ear sensitivity to loud chaotic sounds as well as provides warmth when I’m experiencing pain


Magnesium Oil Spray

Magnesium is an essential mineral that our body needs to release, relax and elasticize.

Spray and rub onto chest and pulse points in the morning. The best absorption area to is under the arms so it goes straight into the lymphatic system as the absorption is better transdermal.

In the evening time, it is best to spray onto the tops of your feet and back of the legs before bed time.


Chai Masala

Our chai masala spice blend is a soothing hand-pounded mix of spices that are known for its’ anti-inflammatory properties and gut soothing benefits. Having a healthy gut is one of the key factors for the functioning of your body and hence can contribute to lowering chronic pain symptoms.


Bath salts

Epsom salts release magnesium and sulphate ions when dissolved in warm water. When you soak yourself or the feet in this water, your body absorbs some of these ions, which then work their magic.

Magnesium helps with several bodily functions related to nerve receptors, blood flow, pain sensitivity and detoxification — all of which help reduce pain, muscle soreness and sensitivity, conditions that plague people battling chronic pain


Warm Oil

I keep this wax warmer on my table filled with a mix of Moringa and Walnut Cold Pressed Oil; Moringa is a great anti-inflammatory and helps ease joint pains whereas Walnut helps reduce fatigue and rejuvenate the skin. Warming the oil and applying to painful areas provides added relief, especially behind the ears, the neck and shoulder and calves.