PMS Care with Nature Therapy

For every woman, PMS has its own story. Our range of products are for #WomenOnTheGo, and we understand that unfortunately, life does not stop during those days of the month. We've got a range of products to help soothe you with some extra TLC!

Chai Masala

This spice blend has cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, cardamom and other warm soothing spices which help reduce inflammation, improve digestion, provide pain relief and easy bowel movement.

Add a pinch to your cup of choice, sprinkle onto oatmeal or toast with honey, granola bowls, cookies batter… the list goes on!

Plum + Roses Brew

This brew has a medley of cacao nibs, rose petals and stone fruits – ingredients that are great at helping alleviate PMS symptoms. Let’s investigate further:

Cacao nibs contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and is full of stress relieving magnesium. It can contribute to hormonal balance via its potent magnesium and iron and ability to lower cortisol and boost mood impacting hormones, serotonin and dopamine.

Rose petals provide relief from sporadic cramping, and help to relax tight muscles

Cherries are full of vitamin c and magnesium that help calm the body and regulate hormones

Peaches and plums have anti-inflammatory properties to help lower pain levels

To soothe: Coconut Cold Pressed Oil

Studies have revealed that applying coconut oil over lower abdomen of menstruating women showed improvement in bringing down the level of menstrual pain. Just remember to be gentle! Also spray a few times into your navel at night time before bed to help with skin dryness and lubrication.

For soothing: Chai Masala Hot Cocoa

We’ve already discussed why cacao is so helpful for female hormones and serotonin. When we pair the rich artisanal cacao from Toska Chocolates with our hand pounded chai masala, it is a match made in heaven! Have it with your choice of milk, or brew along with your coffee or tea, add into oatmeal, or sprinkle over fresh cut fruits!

For pain relief: Epsom Salts

Soak your feet to relieve swelling and foot pain – with a few scoops of RELIEF salts in warm water. Epsom salts contain high amounts of magnesium to help with period pains. Rose and rosemary is added to the blend to further aid lower inflammation and pain levels

For pain relief: Honey

Honey contains compounds that lower the production of prostaglandins, which are chemicals behind menstrual cramp pain. By taking honey in the two weeks prior to menstruation, you prevent the build up of these pain-causing compounds. As a result, when menstruation begins, having a lower build up of prostaglandins translates into less pain.

We recommend having a spoonful of honey as is every morning, or into a cup of warm water with some lemon slices.

For mood lifting: Roses

The aromatherapy properties of rose is known to help with symptoms of PMS such as abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, mood swings and headaches.

Light our uplifting rose candle, spritz on rose after bath + face oil along your pulse points and inhale. Bathe with Rose Bath Soap for extra freshness!

For better sleep: Sleep Pillow

The soothing inhaling of lavender and chamomile flowers in our handcrafted eye pillow is a boon for deeper sleep. Placing over the eyes or under the pillow helps with better sleep

For better sleep: Calming Brew

Have a warm cup of calming brew an hour or so before bed time to calm the mind and soothe the nerves. If you like, you can brew in milk to make a nice warm drink with honey to further reduce anxiety.