Novels we’re loving at the moment: FALL Edition

This fall, there is a bit of hangover from the last escape edition, where there is quite a bit of crime-solving, some apothecary magic and a hint of special powers to make life feel livable!

Maia – a novel
By Tanya Jain

Where do I start? A story of a young girl who struggles with real problems that we have all faced at some point in our lives. A story that touches upon the relatable uncomfortable themes that surround us, and perhaps may make you either question yourself, or give you a reality check. I read this in less than two days, because each page was gripping and hopeful.


The Appeal

By Janice Hallet

An intriguing novel where you as the reader, along with the law interns are trying to solve the murder through a hoard of correspondences between a large number of suspects, all involved in community theatre, with doctors and volunteer nurses thrown in and a plethora of discoveries are revealed with each page!


The Apothecary

By Maile Meloy

A delight for all those interested in ancient medicine rituals, spies and espionage set in the time post WW2, with the after effects of communism, liberalism and war tragedies.


All the Queen’s Men 

By SJ Bennett


The second in the series, but one you don’t need to read in continuation, but yes, it certainly helps. Solving a murder mystery, with the help of her Majesty of course, I traversed the world of art, security and the Buckingham Palace tunnels!



I have laughed in constant amusement whilst reading about Vera – reminding me of my own mother – motivated, sure, practical, realistic, never mincing a word! Written delightfully with delicious descriptions of traditional Chinese meals and you’ll be wanting to create your own tea bar!


The Disgraced Debutante

By Wendy Vella 


A young woman with a sixth sense, a bit of supernatural powers, a budding romance with hints of passion, all set in a historical aristocratic society.

This is the first of the series, and I assure you, you will be continuing on!