#NTHolisticHealing: A holistic guide to recuperating after COVID-19 with Brinda Mehta

#NTHolisitcHealing is our new series at Nature Therapy where we invite specialists and professionals to share a holistic view and tips to improve our lifestyles in a natural way to achieve happiness, healthier skin and better fitness.

Speaking with Brinda, a certified Fitness Coach, is like a breath of fresh air with a contagious positive breeze –  she sheds light on real life issues, the beauty in the mundane, and shares realistic, holistic self-care rituals that can be incorporated by anyone at home (even the laziest of the lot!). From fitness tips, kitchen chores to Ayurveda-inspired preventive remedies, Brinda has a way about her, that inspires, motivates and eve  give us a few good laughs.

We’re delighted to have her on board to write bi-monthly the #NTHolisticHealing to share various tips to leading a positive, healthy lifestyle that can be easily adopted. 

Battling with COVID-19 and recovering from it has been the most talked about matter in 2020-2021. This is a simple home guide to follow if you’ve just recovered from the virus in terms of food, drink and exercise.


Maintaining a healthy diet is essential to make your immune system battle-ready.  

  • If you’re experiencing reduced appetite due to loss of smell and / or taste and nausea due to heavy medication, eat FIVE small meals a day high in nutrition and energy. An under nourished body will not recover fast.
  • Eat at least 0.8 g per kg of body weight of protein. This shall promote cell regeneration of all types. Protein includes: paneer, the good kind of cheese, eggs, tofu, yoghurt, pulses, legumes, lean meat, fish as they have essential amino acids. You must include them in all your meals
  • Healthy fats during and post COVID-19 are essential. Their anti-inflammatory properties will heal you faster. Healthy fats include: ghee, olive oil, sesame oil, honey, almonds, walnuts, figs, dates, prunes, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds and tofu.
  • Carbohydrates are essential for energy: wheat, millets, oats, brown rice, sweet potato. This is not the time to go gluten-free if you voluntarily chose to avoid gluten.
  • To support absorption of all nutrients at its peak, it's best to avoid all processed, packaged, preserved foods, deep fried snacks, cookies, bakery items, caffeine, sodas, sweetened fruit juices, junk food, alcohol consumption and smoking. They encourage inflammation and spike blood glucose levels, which can increase chances of bacterial superinfection.
  • Between lunch and dinner, antioxidant and Vitamin C rich fruits like Apple, Papaya, Orange, Muskmelon, Pomegranate, Kiwi or even the occasional mango.


  • Hydration is the top-most defence for COVID. Dehydration occurs during and post fever, and can be further elongated due to the hot summer which slows down recovery. Recommended quantity is: 2.5-4.5 litres of water depending on your body size 
  • Avoid fruit juices. They spike blood sugar, have empty calories and deprives you off the fibre and phytonutrients that a fruit contains. Have a whole fruit instead. 
  • One big tender coconut is a great supplement to your body with natural electrolytes. You can add sabja (basil / takmariya) seeds or chia seeds along with mint leaves.
  • Indian home food is naturally rich in herbs and spices that have high immunity-boosting properties. Turmeric milk or Indian tea made with ginger, clove, cinnamon, tulsi leaves or Kada can be very helpful. However with the warm weather, do not go overboard - restrict to just 1 cup a day. 
  • Avoid caffeine or reduce your cup of tea or coffee to just 1 cup a day. Caffeine dehydrates the body. 


  • In the first week, try simple pranayama Anulom-Vilom and Chandra Bhedi 2-3 times a day for 10 mins a day. If you find this difficult to do, do not push yourself unnecessarily. Lie down just FOCUS on your breathing and practice diaphragmatic breathing with relaxation music. 
  • Lie down on your stomach from time to time to breathe better and increase oxygen saturation 
  • In the second week walk around your house 8-10 mins a day. Walk slowly without allowing your body to get tired.
  • In the third week, depending upon your recovery, you can start slowly with very low intensity movement. Focus on Mobility and Stretching and add Strength Training in the fourth week with ample amount of rest in between. Simple exercises like Squats, Lunges, Step-Ups, Glute Bridges can be included 
  • Understand that weight gain or loss is normal. Care for your body first and DO NOT be in a rush to do anything without your doctors guidance.


  • Meditate at least once in a day. YouTube, Apps, or sessions from healers can help a lot.
  • Sleep is your solider for RECOVERY and RECUPERATION. 7-8 hours of sound sleep is VERY IMPORTANT.
  • Video call your friends and family.
  • Do not obsess over speedy recovery. Your body will heal on its own if you allow it.
  • It’s OKAY to be sad and sulk for a little while, but DO MORE things that make your happy and joyful.

About Brinda Mehta

A couple of years ago in the pursuit of transforming myself physically and mentally I signed up for a Zumba class. The infectious energy that this one person could create in a room of over 30 people left me mesmerised. The energy got to me too and immediately the thought of wanting to be that person started to CONSUME ME - I wanted to have that level of confidence, I wanted to inspire others and I wanted to be the source of that infectious energy!  

My passion became my profession in 2017. I trained and educated myself in different attributes of fitness. Ever since, as a certified fitness professional, I’ve trained and encouraged many men and women to improve their health and fitness! Even today,  my passion to learn and experiment has not faded - my desire for knowledge and constantly create keeps me going. My excitement for life, the free flow of energy and its ability to transform you is visible in my environment.

Inspired by my own pursuit of a healthy lifestyle - I have created a classroom that challenge your strength, your coordination, your balance, your stamina, your flexibility and of course your will power.

Brinda is a certified Pilates, Zumba, Animal Flow, Strength and Conditioning and Yoga Practitioner.

Follow her at @brindasm and get in touch with her for personalised classes and online tutorials.