Plum + Roses Brew

₹ 500

Exclusively crafted by Tea Trunk for Nature Therapy

Feeling peckish? Plum + Roses is soothing, refreshing and delicate all at once!

Perfect for warm and cold brews, with a touch of milk (optional), and simply beautiful to see
Suggest serving in transparent ware for the beauty to shine through!

How to Use:
Brew for 3 minutes in hot water or as cold brew
Serve as is, or with a touch of milk.

Main Ingredients:
Black Tea, plum, roses, peaches, cherries and cacao nibs by Mason & Co.

Net Wt.: 100g

About Tea Trunk

Tea Trunk was founded in 2013 by India's First Certified Tea Sommelier, Snigdha Manchanda. Her passion for tea began at an early age, and at one point she owned over 100 rare and exotic teas from across the world. Snigdha studied under the guidance of Japanese tea master, Nao Kumekawa, at a professional tea school in Sri Lanka. After tasting 100 cups of tea a day and profiling over 2000 varieties, Snigdha left Tea School with countless tea stories, inspiring her to encourage more people to discover and enjoy good quality tea. Tea Trunk sources tea harvests directly from farmers, handcrafts them in small batches, and blends consist of 100% natural ingredients only.

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