No. 38 Revitalise Long Textured Taper Candle

₹ 480

Set of two

Hand Poured • Small Batch Production • Eco-Friendly • Essential Oil

Notes of: sweet orange, ylang ylang and rosemary reminiscent of a deep untouched forest.

Therapeutic Benefits: uplifting, mood boosting, and assists to clear the mind of stress and anxiety

Soy wax tapered textured candlesticks in the earthy colour of sage green

A box of long match sticks included

Burn time: approx. 40 mins per candlestick 

Length per candlestick: 19 cm

Candlestick diameter: 2 cm


  • Store candles in room temperature when not in use
  • Burn the candle in a closed room to ensure the fragrance does not weaken
  • Do not put the candles directly in sunlight
  • Recommended to use only with a holder as the candle will not stand without support
  • Snuff the lit candle with Candle Snuffer and pull the wick slight upwards after doing that
  • Slight variations may occur in colour due to the handmade properties of the candle

Why Soy Wax?
Soy wax is a biodegradable vegetable wax derived from soybean oil. It is a natural, renewable resource, unlike paraffin wax that derives from petroleum.

Few other reasons:

  • Clean burning
  • No harmful by-products
  • Does not release dangerous carcinogens into the air
  • Toxin free

Nt. Wt.: 105 g incl of match box

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