Ceramic Dish

₹ 600

Multifunctional • Handcrafted • Local Artisans

Use this handmade, handcrafted clay dish to place your soap, cold pressed oil bottles, cookies, jewelry, trinkets or stationary.

The base is a natural light cream with a tropical almond leaf pattern from African origin tree called Terminalia ivorensis in natural blue tones

All pigments used are natural and free of harsh chemicals

Other details:
Size: 6” by 3”
This dish is waterproof, food and microwave friendly

Each product is handmade and hence, will have slight variations in color and size

Nature Therapy X Clayventures
This collaboration is to promote the beauty and value of hand made and handcrafted ceramics. Each item is produced by hand and has undergone its own journey thereby emphasizing on the beauty of the process – unique with a character of its own.

This is a conscious effort by Nature Therapy to partner with local artisans and promote niche, handmade and skillful products.

About Clayventures

Clayventures is the brainchild of Raji Devta, a product designer who loves working with her hands! She chose to focus on craft conservation with her first interaction with clay and its transformation into ceramics and found her calling in clay. Her stint in Pondicherry helped her to further understand this material and its processes. Form, Function and Fire became embedded into her routine and she has set up her studio, Clayventures, in Ahmedabad, continuing her journey with clay and spreading the joys of using handcrafted ceramics.

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