What’s the scent in the After Bath Oils?

We add therapeutic grade essential oil of geranium, lemongrass and jasmine sambac in each of the After Bath Oil blends. The power of these essential oils is exponential; a few drops go a long way, with potent effects on our body, mind + soul. While the scent of the particular flower or plant may not linger on too long on some, you can be assured of their topical benefits are doing full justice. There are formula rules on the ratios for safety precautions and we abide by them strictly! Remember, essential oils are always added for their therapeutic benefits more than fragrance addition.

And this is the beauty and perhaps a drawback of using natural essential oils as our scent component. Some may experience the scent settling subtly down after a few hours, while some have the scent linger on for the whole day or night.

Each body adapts and welcomes a scent in it’s various forms differently. One may apply a few drops of essential oil blend, a splash of cologne or a single spritz of perfume to carry through the whole day successfully, whereas another may feel the urge to empty a good amount from the bottle for it simply evaporate shortly.

This exploration on what works for your body is a fun one! Factors that affect include your water intake, the weather, particular location, and of course, physical activities, among a host of others.

Few tips for keeping the scent lingering:

Apply the After Bath Oil on the pulse points of your body

The pulse points of your body are: nape of the neck, behind the ears, inner wrist, inner elbows, between the breasts, back of knees, and the ankles

Apply on dry skin

Remember – sometimes you may not smell the scent on yourself, but someone standing next to you can!  The olfactory systems get fatigued after about 30 minutes, so we stop smelling even the most obvious aromas around us