Rose Essential Oil: Gift this magical oil to your lover!

Every Valentine’s Day, we are overwhelmed with beautiful red roses all over the place. However, little do we know as to how much love we can show our skin with the essential oil extracted of the very same red roses. Roses, and particularly the essential oil that is extracted from them, is extremely beneficial for the skin. The oil is an anti-inflammatory agent and tissue regenerator rich with therapeutic benefits for the skin. Besides, the oil is versatile too and can be used on all skin types

Rose essential oil is adored for its holistic effect on the skin, working to soften and hydrate the skin. This fragrant essence is easily absorbed, thanks to its essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, both of which strengthen the skin’s cell barriers to aid in absorbing and retaining moisture. If you’ve tried everything out there to clear your acne, without any notable results, there’s no harm in trying a little rose oil solution. Because of the absence of any chemicals in rose oil, it helps your pores open up and absorb all the minerals your natural oil produces. This gives your skin much needed nourishment and in turn steers clear the acne. Furthermore, an assortment of minerals present in this oil treats inflammation-related conditions, such as rosacea and eczema effectively.

The high levels of vitamin A and anti-oxidants present in this oil, makes it the perfect enemy for wrinkles. Using this oil in your regular beauty routine will help increase the production of collagen, leaving your skin looking young. Further its natural anti-oxidants and minerals help soothe puffy eyes, and helps get rid of crow’s feet. 

Out of its many other merits, using rose oil for hair growth is another glorious addition to its list. It strengthens the hair from within the root and provides your hair the missing nourishment. All one has to do is dilute a few drops of rose essential oil with any carrier oil and apply to your hair twice a week.

Quick Fact: Approximately 20,000 rose petals are needed to produce a single ounce of rose oil. Hence, it is expensive but it is extremely potent, so only a tiny amount is needed. 

Rose essential oil is too concentrated to be used on its own. It’s best to dilute it with other carrier oils for any kind of topical application. We recommend mixing rose essential oil with jojoba or almond oil for skincare and coconut oil for haircare.

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