#NTPeople Series: Shruti Chhajer Ranka

Shruti and I have known each other for over a decade, and till date, she continues to be one of my biggest cheerleaders, and I, hers. She is a jewellery designer by profession and passion, but she can also hold any conversation under the sun with full knowledge. She is one of the friendliest, smartest and most graceful women I have ever met. Always impeccably and elegantly dressed with of course, gorgeous, yet understated jewellery (just like her), she wears a smile that brightens your day. The fine gems industry is not an easy one, yet there is never a moment of negativity or stress around her and always looks like ‘she’s handled it’ – a quality I am deeply in awe of. Shruti juggles various responsibilities but always takes good care of herself, aware of her emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, whilst relishing every moment. Her passionate dedication towards building and growing her jewellery business is what inspires me. She joined her mother at Shruti Sushma twelve years ago and as she grasps stronger hold of the helm, you can see how far and wide her handcrafted exquisite pieces have taken her. Shruti Sushma has two beautiful luxurious stores in Ahmedabad and Bangalore, boasts an envious list of clients and celebrities and is well recognised and acquainted with renowned gem specialists, media outlets and jewellery writers. She personally takes care of every aspect of the business – designing, manufacturing and sales – and I have seen regardless of the stress, she always greets with positivity and warmth.

But it’s not all about business for Shruti. She has an inquisitive mind, a hunger to learn more and search for ways to help the community and give back. Her recent work with Srujan Project, a fundraising facility between organisations, individuals and non-profits to create awareness for various social causes is evidence of the unending energy she brings with her. She also religiously takes Bhagvad Gita classes and shares her learnings with her friends, encouraging us to get in touch with our spiritual being. She does all of the above, whilst being the perfect homemaker, baking delicious and healthy foods, working out, and keeping in touch with all her friends and family! Shruti and time management go hand-in-hand!

Shruti is the perfect example of perfectly balancing emotional, spiritual and physical connections. She has a fierce ambition to grow not just for her business, but for her own self-growth, to be able to make a difference, to be able to give back. Shruti possesses a beautiful confidence, is unafraid to ask questions, unapologetic for her aspirations, and walks with surety of her skills and expertise.

Today, I get to ask her questions on how she does it all!

Tell us your relationship with skincare and how it has evolved over time?
I would look at my mum taking care of her skin by using mostly all natural, herbal and homemade DIY’s. I have pretty much stuck to that. I do not like to use anything that is not natural.

What’s your typical morning and evening skincare routine?
My mornings are a bit hectic so I generally use the cleanse, tone, moisturise with a sunscreen.

Evenings I like to use cold pressed coconut oil to remove my makeup, use a hot towel to remove the oil, use a facewash, and a night cream. My weekends are more about pampering myself – I love to use a scrub (face and body), a face pack (store bought or DIY), some ice cubes on my face.

Do you integrate any Indian traditional skin care tips into your routine that are passed down from your elders?
Aloe vera and coconut oil for hair, potato juice to remove tan, chickpea flour, turmeric and milk face pack.

What’s the first thing you do for your skin and health when you wake up?
I wake up at around 8am, I like to use cold water to wash my face and use a mild facewash.

I like to have lukewarm water with lemon and honey.

What’s your daily morning beverage and breakfast?
A vegetable juice, soaked almonds & walnuts. And a homemade hot breakfast like (dosa, upma, dal dosa etc) I avoid any packaged food.

#WomenOnTheGo: How do you balance your work and personal life?
One needs to have their priorities right, you can’t be everywhere all the time. I like to live in the moment. I learn the Bhagwat Gita once a week, it brings in a lot of discipline in my mind, which I feel is the most important thing- to have your mind in control.

How often can you carve out your ‘me time’ and what does it entail?
Every day. My workouts, my walks in the evening, my drive to work while I listen to my favorite music. The small moments are your me time.

How did you choose your career path – was it a long search to find your calling?
No for me it came fairly easily. I feel everyone is born with an innate talent, one needs to recognize it. I knew that I was always very artistic and was drawn to jewelry very early on.

Who or what inspires you in your work?
The fact that the jewellery I create will be part of the wearer’s life and for generations.

How do you deal with setbacks in/at work?
One must live their life in awareness- my Bhagwat Gita classes brings in a lot of stability, it talks about the pendulum of highs and lows. One must understand that the more we get excited about our highs the more we will feel low about our setbacks. The idea is to always maintain balance. I believe there are no coincidences in life, so a setback has to be a learning there is no other way to look at it.

What do you hope to achieve by the end of the year?
The pandemic has really taught me a lot. In fact, 2020 has been the most constructive time of my life. I have improved my skills and learnt a lot. With so much of uncertainty 2021 for me is all about being healthy, survive and learn.

Is there any famous personality you hope to design jewelry for?
Nita Ambani & Meghan Markle - because of what they represent.

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