Nature Therapy X Toska Chocolates: all about Chai

Joining hands with like-minded brands is what small business dreams are made of. To create something and be involved in a process together is passionate affair that stems from nothing but the eagerness to explore, innovate and redefine creativity. 

At Nature Therapy, we focus on therapeutic wellness that includes food, drink, cold pressed oils and #everydayluxury self-care. Nature Therapy and Kitchen Therapy work in sync with each other – wherein the underlying guideline is a good life, feeling good, living and eating well. Kitchen Therapy shares good food-recipes that are easily adapted into your daily routine, simple methods, conscious about costs and making use of pantry ingredients. In Nature Therapy, each and every product is designed to be an #everydayluxury integrated into chaotic routines – to feel good even in the small moments of life. 

The basis of feeling good and self-care includes physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and all three do rely on the good functioning of the gut and stomach. Our Chai Masala targets the inner body workings, providing nourishment and soothing to the stomach, healing powers for organ functioning and boosts immunity. 

When Ishan, founder of Toska Chocolates, tasted our Chai Masala – the hand pounded spice blend based on principles of Ayurveda, his head started spinning with ideas. He loved the idea of merging the masala with his decadent chocolate to have a spiced cocoa mix and so he launched Chai Masala Hot Cocoa – a quick hot chocolate blend that has become a hit with our customers from across the country, including a few celebrities! 

The Chai Masala Hot Cocoa has also become a ritualistic ingredient in my mother’s and my morning cappuccino – adding half a teaspoon into the cup to get all those warm healing and nourishing spices into our body to improve digestion as well as boost immunity.

Then of course, why stop at hot cocoa? Ishan went one step further and sourced single origin dark cacao from Malabar Forests, that become a chocolate bar, spiced with our blend called - Chai Masala – Single Origin Malabar Forest Dark Chocolate. This delicious, mouth melting chocolate bar is the perfect sweet bite to carry along with you on your travels, for a sweet bite post meal, or extra loving in the middle of the day!

Our Chai Masala is a blend of hand pounded cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, black pepper, cloves and piper longum.

Our products are brilliant to cook with as well. Here are a few recipes using our creations:


Chai Masala - Single Origin Malabar Forest Dark Chocolate