Decoding the Plum + Roses Brew

Decoding the Plum + Roses Brew

Plum + Roses Brew is perhaps one of the most unique blends that I simply adore. The base of black tea is perfect for the much-needed pick-me-up in the mornings and afternoons which provides plenty of antioxidants. Pairing the CTC black tea with a medley of stone fruits – plums, peaches and cherries provides natural sweetness, while the cacao nibs, sourced from Mason & Co. rounds up the flavour giving a good depth. Each ingredient is consciously blended together with a very unique health and therapeutic purpose, aiming to make you feel good, beautiful and alive.

The stone fruits are known to boost metabolism as well as improve skin texture and glow. Roses are great stress busters and mood enhancers, while being anti-bacterial. The natural sweetness from cacao nibs means you do not need to add any sugar or sweetener. With the black tea base, you can add a touch of milk if you like, but on its own is just as beautiful! 

    How to brew:


    • Pour 2 cups of hot water over 1 tsp tea and leave for 3 minutes
    • Strain and sip
    • Optional: add a touch of milk 


    • Place 2 tbsp of tea in a large jug
    • Pour room temperature water (1 litre) over and allow to sit out for 4-8 hours or until you reach your desired strength of brew
    • Store in the fridge and drink as you like, as is, with ice, with sparkling soda or swirl into cocktails or cake batter!