Conscious Consumerism

In light of the recent global turmoil, the definition of conscious consumerism has changed. Uncertain times encourage us to think of ways to be more conscious in our daily consumption than usual. 

There are our principles for conscious consumerism:

  • Save water: turn off the tap while scrubbing hands, dishes, shampoo
  • Save electricity: don’t sleep with the TV on, don’t leave electronics on charge overnight
  • Reduce wastage: cook a smaller quantity or save leftovers to eat later; learn to use up everything you have in stock before heading out to the stores
  • Reduce packaging material
  • Reuse plastic, paper and anything else non-disposable
  • Learn to live in a minimal lifestyle – you’ll improve the quality of your life too
  • Mindful cooking: be mindful of using water, paper and wastage while you’re in the kitchen. Read up on smart cooking tips!
  • Responsible shopping: avoid hoarding essential items, returning online orders and parcels – this increases carbon footprints, wastage and precious efforts
  • Support local businesses: if an time you seek is made locally by a small business choose them first. By supporting local businesses, you are helping your community grow, flourish and increase employment

Lastly, spread love!

If you appreciate an idea, story, product, anything – tell the makers – make their day!