10 ways to repurpose the spray bottles

We believe in recycle, reduce and reuse. So here are a few ideas on what to do with your oil bottles once you’ve finished the cold pressed oil or facial mist: 

Some great ideas:

  • For painters: fill with clean water for spraying onto your water-colour palette or canvas
  • Fill up with hand sanitizer to easily spray on the go, for surfaces and for road trips
  • Fill up with cleaning surface disinfectant to keep on your desk or at the entrance of your home to sanitize deliveries
  • DIY Linen Spray: add distilled water, a few teaspoons of vodka or witch hazel and plentiful drops of your favourite essential oils. Shake away before spraying onto your linens, towels, pillows, cars…
  • For plants: for delicate plants and microgreens, this spray bottle is the perfect way to gently water them – fill with clean water and place besides the pots for ease!
  • Make your own shower spray to clear limescale buildup and mold through this recipe: https://helloglow.co/homemade-shower-spray/
  • DIY make up brush cleaner with hot water, conditioner and alcohol – recipe: https://www.yourbeautyblog.com/2015/04/diy-spray-makeup-brush-cleaner.html
  • DIY produce wash for your veggies + fruits: mixing 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water, shake well, spray onto the incoming produce, allow to sit for a few minutes before rinsing them

For the cooks:

  • Fill with your favourite cooking oil and infuse with herbs, chilies and garlic and simply spray onto your cooking pan for added flavour!
  • Fill with cooking oil and use as a greaser to coat baking pans and tins

How to clean the bottle:

Wash with warm water and soap, including the spray part

The spray nozzle can be continuously pumped in order to clear out the pipe

Once the bottle has no product is left, fill it up with some vinegar and warm water and clear out the nozzle and pipe again

Rinse a few more times with warm water, clearing out the vinegar

Allow to air dry before using